My story is about FREEDOM!

I have a lot to be thankful for.  I have overcome many obstacles in my life, literally beaten death and have stories that often sound as if they play straight from a Lifetime tv mini series.  I have freedom in my mind and peace in my heart with faith unshakable. Why? Because I am not a religious person, I am relational. I have a relationship with The One who knows everything about me because He made me. He is the one I run to for everything and that's how it should be.  He's got me no matter what, so I don't have to worry about anything. I just need to be me - not a version of who everyone thinks I need to be. 

A very wise man and I were talking about Peter.  Many people want to focus on the fact the Peter denied Christ three times or how he failed after walking on water.  Why not focus on how Peter was used during his own time in so many magnificent ways or even the fact that he had enough faith to even walk on water to begin with? The point is that life is about perspective. History is important and essential because it is a foundation on which we build upon, but it is not what defines our future. We define our future based upon our own walk with the Lord.  Faith without works is dead, yet Matthew 17:20 tells us all we need is just a small amount of it and nothing will be impossible for us! Stay focused on Him and you can conquer anything in your past that the enemy may be trying to drag into your future. Isaiah 26:3 says "You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. 4 Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock." Be encouraged, wherever you stand today, that nothing is impossible for The One who made you.


Don't like the faith based approach?  I became a certified Career / Life Coach in 2007.  I don't tell people what to do, I merely ask questions to assist in one's "AHA" moment. My coin phrase is "Be True to You"TM. Why do I say this? Unless one can be true and honest with themselves then they cannot be true to others. Plainly, you will be a liar to others, a manipulator, a thief, a control freak, a loose cannon and you will wreck the lives of those around you because you cannot control yourself.  As my personal development coach Dr. Donna Mogan once shared with me: We are called to be a lighthouse. Lighthouses just shine the light for the ships to see. The light shines into the water. If the seas are rough and there are rocks then the ships can see and if they are smart enough they will correct their course and reach safety.  If seas are rough and the lighthouse notices that the ship isn't correcting it's course the lighthouse doesn't jump off of it's place and grab hold of the ship and scream. "Hey, dummy, what are you doing? Don't you see you are heading for danger? Stop? Don't go that direction!"  We are merely called to be the light. It's a funny little analogy but so true.  BE the lighthouse.  Be steady and be the light.  You have to be clean first in order to even shine. Work on yourself.  Please!  Why is it so important to work on everyone else but ourselves? Is it scary to embark upon a journey of self awareness and accountability? Maybe. Does it hurt? Yes! Is the end result worth it? Most definitely. Healthy people promote healthy people. "You can't make history without leaving your mark" ~ yours truly.  I thought that was pretty profound.  Think of the emotional wake you are leaving every day...for you yourself first, then your family and friends, your colleagues and so-on. What is your legacy? What would your epitaph read? I'm here to tell you that it starts with you and it's not that bad or that hard.  Freedom comes at a price," just ask any member of our fine armed forces.  If you don't like like the "religious" piece then fine, you can still learn how to "Be True to You"TM!